Wilgro Services, Inc. specializes in planned maintenance, repairs, design, and installation of all commercial HVAC equipment. Our highly trained mechanics proudly serve over 300 commercial clients in the Delaware Valley. We look forward to helping you with your most complex HVAC needs.

We are a non-union HVAC contractor providing planned maintenance, service (including 24/7 emergency response), and installation service options. We take pride in completing projects on time, within budget and always delivering the highest quality end result.

There are a few things that set Wilgro Services apart from our competitors: our sense of urgency, being honest and trustworthy, and reachability.

Sense of Urgency – Our customers’ problems become our problems so dispatching technicians quickly to customer sites is a top priority.

Honest & Trustworthy – We are always honest and never take advantage of our customers like some other contractors unfortunately do.

Reachability – We’re told that our level of communication both in the field and in the office exceeds our customers’ expectations. We are always available to answer customer questions.